Speeding up Arch Linux

Currently I’m using Arch Linux on my desktop-machine at work. As I’m still at the evaluation phase i read trough some forums, wikis and blogs about Arch Linux.
One very interesting article I found was this one: http://www.cywhale.de/arch-linux-optimieren-booten-in-16-sekunden/
It describes how the booting time can be speeded up with some nice tricks. I did not all steps described there, but only the few changes i made saved me 19 seconds and my arch-machine now boots to the KDE logon-screen in 13 seconds.

Before the optimization:




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…because it’s damn f*cking cool.
I’m still using it and it replaced my Ubuntu at work.
If I’d really have much time I would create my own LFS distro –
Thorstix or something like that 😉

OK, in that case: what’re the key features making it so cool?? Never tried it out, but maybe I should.

Thorstix would be great 😀 If you ever start it drop me a line, I’d volunteer… 🙂

– fast (optimized for i686 and x86_64)
– nice packet-manager (similar to Debian apt-get)
– very up2date packages
– rolling release-cycle
– no configtools and stuff – everything can be done (and must be done) by yourself

Imho nothing to install on a server, but I’m quite happy with Arch on my desktop(s)

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