Terminal not fully functional when using rxvt-unicode-256color

After reading some interesting articles about rxvt-unicode (often called urxvt) I wanted to try it out myself on my Archbox. Installation is quite simple via pacman and further customization can be done be modifying the .Xdefaults fine in your home directory.

If you install the rxvt-unicode-256color package the TERM variable will be set to rxvt-256color and that’s a problem when connecting to the debian boxes, because the ncurses package does not have a valid entry for this under /lib/terminfo.
When using less, man and I assume some other tools too, you’ll get the following error message:

WARNING: terminal is not fully functional
- (press RETURN)

To avoid this, you can add the following line to your .bashrc file in your home folder to set the TERM variable to rxvt-unicode which is included in the debian ncurses package:

case "$TERM" in


Tunneling Rsync through SSH for ABS updates

As I told on my previous post I’m currently using Archlinux here at work. Archlinux has beside it’s ’normal‘ package management system pacman (similar to apt-get) a ports-like application-repository called the ‚Arch Build System‘ (ABS).

In order to use the ABS software repository and to be able to install software from it, you need to sync the whole package tree to your local disk. This doesn’t contain the full packages with all tarballs and stuff – it’s only some Meta-information. The necessary files needed for a package installation will be downloaded on request when installing the software.

Updating the ABS-tree is being done by rsync. The problem is that I don’t have the possibility to connect to the internet by something other the http(s) and ssh, but I haven’t found a solution yet to tell abs to use rsync over ssh for this step.

So my workaround for this is the following:

– Tunnel the rsync requests to the Arch servers via ssh (this needs root priviledges)

ssh -l johndoe -L 873:rsync.archlinux.org:873 yoursshserver.cooldomain.com

– Edit /etc/abs.conf and replace the value for SYNCSERVER with ‚localhost‘

– Run abs

It’s working very fine, but I have to admit that you need a ssh-server to connect to in the internet or at least a linux-box (of course any other ssh-able server will fit too) accesible via dyndns.


Speeding up Arch Linux

Currently I’m using Arch Linux on my desktop-machine at work. As I’m still at the evaluation phase i read trough some forums, wikis and blogs about Arch Linux.
One very interesting article I found was this one: http://www.cywhale.de/arch-linux-optimieren-booten-in-16-sekunden/
It describes how the booting time can be speeded up with some nice tricks. I did not all steps described there, but only the few changes i made saved me 19 seconds and my arch-machine now boots to the KDE logon-screen in 13 seconds.

Before the optimization: